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Good & Strong
Designed With Your Needs in Mind

After 20 years of hard working to stay strong and ahead of the competition in the Sheeter manufacturing industry, Goodstrong Machinery has moved itself to a New Level of Sheeter Making facility. The advanced 3-D engineering design system was been used for years while others were

still on their 2-D CAD system. The company's non-stop effort in inventing new machine features and quality improvements has been of benefit to all those happy customers around the world with the good profit returns the machine provides.

To continue the success of the Goodstrong Twin Knife Rotary Sheeter model GMC-TC, after several hundreds of machines have been in excellent service to the customers, we have made it even more versatile, operation friendly, and durable to last. These improvements will provide a good easy start for many new businesses, and an excellent new facility for some existing businesses, such as commercial printers, independent converters, and folding carton & packaging plants. The Goodstrong Sheeter will give you peace of mind in this toughly competitive market place.

  • A servo motor driving provides high accuracy, high performance synchronous control system . ( + / -0.5 mm ) - ( 300M / Min )
  • Synchronous cutting of both rotary knife ensures clean cut and long knife life.
  • Length of cut value is numerically entered for quick and easy size changing.
  • Length of cut, quantity, machine speed, cut speed are displayed on the screen.
Dual Position Shaftless Pivoting Arm Unwind Stand with in-floor track and trolley system. Air-cooled pneumatically controlled brakes on each arm.

Optional ltalian RE Brake.
Manual de-curler adjusted by hand wheel.

Optional motor driven decurler with remote push button control.
Delivery table able to take 1500 mm high
pile, complete with automatic lowering
from a pre-set pile height sensor.

Optional Delivery Top Belt to assist operation for light weight paper.
Exit Roller to the Layboy with Air Jets to supply a curtain of air onto the underside of the sheets and assist delivery of the sheet into the pile. Fully synchronized speed between high speed outfeed and overlap tape section
to maintain a proper shingle.
Twin Motor Drive System. Feeder Roll
and Knife Roll driven by separate AC
Servo Motor systems.
EPC Pneumatic Sensor coupled with an independent "Swing Frame" allows for minimum edge trim of the web, and strict control of the web edge throughout the
reel from start to finish.
Pneumatic Slitters ensure the stable and clean slitting.

Optional TIDLAND CLASS for heavier boards.
High Speed Outfeed Tape Section to
accelerate the sheets away from the

Optional Manual Reject Gate System.

HMI Touch Screen operator console integral to knife with order entry and diagnostics. Auto Tension Control with Swing Arm
Dancer Roller, gives constant full
tension control from the start to the end
of the reel.
Max. Web Width 1600 ㎜ Trimmed 63"' ㎜ Trimmed
Min. Web Width 400 ㎜ 15.7"
Max. Roll Diameter 1800 ㎜ 70.8"
Min. Roll Diameter 400 ㎜ 15.7
Core Roll Diameter 76.2 ㎜, 152.4㎜, 304.8㎜ 3", 6", 12"
Cut-off Length Range 460㎜ -1370㎜ 18" - 54"
Max. Pile Height
(including pallet)
1500 ㎜ 59"
Max. Pile Weight 2000 kgs 4,400 lbs
Max. Mechanical Speed 3000 MPM 980 FPM
Designed Knife Loading (max.) 1000 gsm 1000 gsm
Sheet Length Accuracy
(single web)
± 0.5 ㎜ up to 1000 ㎜
± 0.05% over 1000 ㎜
± 0.02"
Sheet length Squareness
(single web)
± 0.5 ㎜ as measured for
1000㎜ wide sheet.
± 0.02"
Main Power 3 Phase, 380V, 50/60 HZ  
Total Power Consumption Required 45 KW  
Machine Total Weight 19800 kgs (1 roll stand)
28000 kgs (2 roll stand)
43650 kgs (1 roll stand)
61730 kgs (2 roll stand)
Machine Dimension
(L x W x H)
15.5 x 5.8 x 2.85 M (1 roll stand)
21.7 x 5.8 x 2.85 M (2 roll stand)
51' x 19' x 10' (1 roll stand)
71' x 19' x 10' (2 roll stand)

*Specifications may change without notice.